Chapter 1:
The Small White House on the Hill

Prudence Overmeyer, a waitress at the Garden Snack Club in Hilo, learns that Rinpoche the Magnificent is coming to Puna. This bad dose of news comes on top of the death of her mentor and friend, Manu, an old Hawaiian poet who lives on her property.

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Chapter 2:
Lawless Jungle

In a lawless jungle, sometimes love and desire reign. Manu's luau is arranged by the mystical and mysterious Aunties, and the event itself seems to have cast a spell of calm onto Pru, despite the enormous turnout.

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Chapter 3:
Rinpoche the Magnificent

The Rinpoche arrives on the night of Manu's luau amid a storm of mischarged electric particles. Few are immune to Rinpoche's dubious charms and deceptions.

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Chapter 4:
A Long Unmanageable Drought

A drought has come to Puna. Matthew's fledgling crop feels it acutely. Prudence feels it personally. But for the Rinpoche, it seems like a period of abundance. Go figure.

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Chapter 5:
Origin of the Species

Prudence finally decides a path forward for Manu's cottage, and the Rinpoche gets his comeuppance, in the second-to-last chapter of Volume 1.

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Chapter 6:
Return of the Rain

The final chapter in Volume 1. Prudence, Matthew, the Rinpoche, and Willow converge and diverge as everyone in Puna welcomes the return of the rain.

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